What is a short code used for?

A short code is a great way to engage with your audience or clients in your marketing programs. Rather than inviting your audience to call a phone number or visit a web site, your call-to-action could be “For more information text INFO to 84025”, for example.

Using a short code in your marketing programs helps your marketing to engage with a younger audience, and encourages the audience to act swiftly, through their mobile phone.

A short code is very useful if you want to market or promote something to your customers or potential customers, for example discount offers, competition responses, special one day only retail promotions. It can also be used to manage mobile communications to your contact lists or groups, ie: appointment reminders, changes to school bus timetables or exam schedules, or to encourage mobile phone users to access your own mobile application, site or service.

For more information about short code SMS marketing please visit our SMS Short Code page.

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