Can I schedule or set up recurring SMS messages with TextOnline?

Yes, you can schedule the sending of your SMS messages when using TextOnline. Once you have entered your message text, selected your recipients and your preferred reply option (if applicable), simply click on the “[+] Schedule Options”, and select “One-off scheduled message”. Choose the appropriate date and time of up to 2 years in advance and then click “Send”.

Alternatively, you have the ability to choose “Recurring scheduled message”. This enables you to set up a recurring message to be sent hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every weekday or fortnightly, which can be used for annual birthday messages, as an example. Please note that it is important you set an end date, otherwise the system will continue to send the recurring message unless you delete it.

Once set up, the text messages will then reside in the “Scheduled Messages” area where you can review and amend them if necessary.

For information on scheduling messages within TextCampaign, please click here.

For more information, or further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302

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