Can I personalise my text messages?

Yes, by using the TextCampaign service. TextCampaign enables you to conduct high volume, personalised, two-way SMS marketing campaigns from your own internet-connected PC.

TextCampaign takes its list of message recipients from a spreadsheet that you have previously prepared. At a minimum, the spreadsheet needs to contain a single column of phone numbers.

To personalise the message, your spreadsheet needs to contain one or more additional columns of data which you wish to personalise the message with. For example, column 1 could contain your phone numbers and column 2 the first names of the message recipients.

Then, when you’ve imported the spreadsheet in to TextCampaign and you’re composing the message to send out, you just need to add the personalisation to the message. To personalise the message with your spreadsheet’s first name, you would enter the following in to the message box: “Hi %c02%. We look forward ….”.

Each message sent out from your campaign would then include the first name of the recipient after the word “Hi”.

So, once you have created a CSV (comma separated variable) spreadsheet within Excel (which should include your desired contact numbers and any personalised content) you can then create a personalised SMS campaign in 5 easy steps:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Upload your CSV file of recipients
  3. Type in the message you wish to send
  4. Personalise the message to the recipients
  5. Schedule the campaign’s delivery 

Whether you are a school who wants to remind parents of an event, or a retail shop wanting to inform your customers of additional discounts, TextCampaign is great for a personalised touch, by adding in your customer’s name within your SMS campaign.

For more information please call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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