How to create the perfect SMS Mobile Marketing Campaign

16 December 2014

Creating the perfect SMS campaign is very challenging. There are no set rules for any business to ensure their campaign is pitch perfect. There are many variables which are often out of your control, such as the emotive response of your customers and whether your messages are in fact relevant for them.

However there are ways to ensure that your campaign is as good as it could possibly be in order to get back the best results from your customers, in turn increasing your business. These things you can implement your side and can dramatically increase the response of your campaigns. Though the rules cannot be applied to every business as not all businesses are the same, here are a few tips to get you started:


Content is always key when sending out any marketing campaign not just Text Message alone. Always ensure your grammar and spelling is correct, this may sound obvious but is sometimes so obvious it can be missed. Engage with you customers, ensure what you are sending out is of relevance and interest to them and ensure you are not just sending out messages for the sake of it. Ensure that the messages you send are beneficial to your recipients.


If you have a larger business that offers a multitude for products or services, this is very important. TextAnywhere allows you to segment your customers into relevant categories. This allows you to send out customer specific messages, regarding a certain product that is on offer or a change of schedule for example, class room changes. This allows you to manage your campaigns more successfully and therefore ensure a better Text Message Marketing reach.

Track Progress

Like any other marketing platform it is important to measure your performance to highlight any areas that are working well or likewise need improving. Sending out a campaign can sometimes prove useless if the open rate, response rate and other variables are not measured. Ways to do this will vary depending on what your business is, what your goals are and generally what you want your recipient to do. However you can track this by what response they give to the message, if it’s an event how many people attend or maybe by how many people opt out from your messages. This will help you to further develop your campaigns as you have a better understanding of what is happening and what is not.

Getting closer to your Customers

Your customer will often appreciate you informing them of special offers, deal and new products happening form your Business Text Messaging. You are reaching out to them in a more personal and up close manner. This builds a better relationship from your business to your customers.

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