5 tips on running a successful SMS Marketing Strategy

22 August 2014

  1. Free Trial:

With any new client, TextAnywhere offers a free trial to test our products. get an understanding of how SMS marketing works it capabilities and how it integrates with your overall mobile marketing strategy.

2. Segment your audience

SMS marketing is a very personal form of marketing, as you are literally reaching your audience within their hand bag or pocket. Because of this is it even more important not to spam by sending irrelevant and unwanted messages. Segment your audience and only send information, promotions and updates on what they want to hear.

3. Short Messages

Keep it short and sweet. Simple!

4. Give customers the option to STOP

Create trust with your customers and give them the option to opt out of the messages you send. However if you are segmenting your audience and only sending them short, sweet, simple and relevant messages, there shouldn’t really be a need to opt out.

5. Integrate your strategies

For best result, make sure you join up your own marketing strategy. Try integrating your email, social media, and web content. A consistent marketing message will always work better than a disjointed one.

For more information on how to conduct a successful SMS marketing strategy, please call our very knowledgeable customer services team on 0845 221 302 or email our Customer Service Team.

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