8 Reasons to Start Using SMS Services Today

23 June 2014

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to start an SMS campaign with an automated texting service.

SMS services are becoming more and more popular with businesses big and small, and are also used for events and public services such as school announcements via email to SMS.

Whether it’s SMS marketing, business text messaging, or just communicating to your existing customer base, chances are you could benefit from this efficient way of getting your message out there.

If you’re still not convinced, here are eight reasons you could benefit from a text messaging service:

1) Affordable

Text message marketing provides an easy, cheap way of spreading your message to a wide audience, at the cost of just pennies per message, depending on the text service you go for.

2) High ROI

SMS marketing is proven to achieve tangible results. Say you’re a restaurant owner who has managed to collect a list of opt-in phone numbers from 100 of your customers. You can then send out an SMS shortcode message to these customers with the offer of a free starter or dessert with any meal. If only 20 people decide to redeem your code, that’s worth the money spent.

3) High open rates

Did you know that around 95 per cent of text messages are opened and read? This will get you better results than emails, which are only opened around 25 per cent of the time.

4) Instant marketing

With a text service you don’t have to worry about low open rates, attracting website hits or paying for postage – and your message arrives in seconds.

5) Opt-in 

Most text messaging services are opt-in, so you’re only messaging people who have expressed an interest in hearing from you. This can be achieved by texting an SMS shortcode or signing up online. Sending ‘STOP’ will automatically remove them from the list.

6) It’s concise

Because text messages are so short, you’re limited to 160 characters. This is a good thing, as you can be straight to the point.

7) Most people use SMS

If you want to keep up with the competition, take note; because if you’re not using this method of communication, you can guarantee your competitors will be.

8) Environmentally friendly

Not only can you drive sales and attention using an email to SMS gateway, it’s also green and good for the environment – what’s not to love?

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