An SMS Marketing Platform That Works For You

We have more than 35,000 happy customers. That says one thing…. TextAnywhere works.

Join them and find out how our SMS marketing platform can:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Enhance customer relationships
  • Boost conversion rates
  • Streamline communication
  • Build trust

TextAnywhere is the UK’s leading SMS marketing provider, with an 97% open rate

SMS marketing is the most effective way to reach customers and drive engagement. In fact, we found that 48% of customers prefer to be contacted by text. Compare that to the 8% who said they preferred email. The numbers speak for themselves!

  • The average open rate for SMS is 90 seconds.
  • SMS holds an open rate 3x higher than email

Adopt SMS Marketing and take your business to the next level

SMS marketing adds value to every business, from large national organisations and retailers to small local startups and sports groups. Reap the rewards of TextAnywhere’s unbeatable open rates, unleash the potential of your business and show your users that you value quality and service above all else.

  • Personalise messages and make customers feel valued
  • Launch campaigns quickly
  • Send bulk sms
  • Easily import contacts
  • Integrate with our SMS API
  • Augment customer relations

How SMS marketing will grow your business…

Many e-commerce businesses attribute 20% of their total online revenue to text message marketing – see what it can do for yours

Offers & Promotions

Grab customers’ attention and shout about exclusive offers, promotions and discounts.

Drive Web Traffic

Encourage more traffic to your website and increase conversions.

Announce Important Events

Keep your customers up to date with real-time alerts, using bulk sms, so they don’t miss out on events that could boost sales and sign ups.

Ready To Start Your Trial

The sign up process can be completed in seconds, there are no ties or contracts required, just three simple steps

How are other businesses using SMS Marketing?

  • Time-sensitive promotions are sent to entire customer lists, individuals, or groups.
  • Sending Bulk SMS campaigns for speedy alerts
  • Personalised and timely messages are delivered to customers to upsell possible opportunities.
  • The use of shortcodes for competitions and to keep customers engaged.
  • Lower the volume no-shows for appointments by activating automated reminders.
  • 50% of consumers prefer SMS messaging to traditional channels, meeting them here may improve customer service

Create engaging customer-centric communications with personalised SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing with TextAnywhere will aid the opportunity to dive attributable revenue to your customers, and here’s how:

  • Target the right audience
  • Integrate seamlessly
  • 96% of customers identified SMS drives increased revenue
  • Be confident in our encrypted security and compliance