What functions can be performed using TextAnywhere’s SMS web integration tools?

TextAnywhere’s technical integration offers a wide range of products and capabilities. Our Web Service, HTTPS Service and SMTP Service have all been designed to provide a rich set of functionality for integration into your own platform, application or software, allowing you to send and receive messages from these environments.

Some of the available functions are;

  1. Send SMS text messages: as part of your mobile marketing strategy, you are able to send SMS notifications or reminder messages to a list of mobile numbers in the UK or abroad.
  2. Receive replies to those sent messages: generate interaction and feedback from your contact lists and engage with your customer base.
  3. Check the delivery status of sent messages: confirm whether SMS messages have been delivered.
  4. Receive proactively-sent inbound text messages: have a dedicated SMS long number or a keyword on an SMS short code to receive inbound text messages from colleagues, clients and customers.

Our online Developer Centre provides all of the information that a developer needs to be able to integrate text messaging in to their application or web site through the Web Service, HTTPS Service or SMTP service. The centre includes details of all the available methods and their parameters, along with code samples and service test functions.

To learn more about the TextAnywhere SMS integration tools, please call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302, or contact us via email at [email protected].

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