Does it matter what handsets my customers have when sending them an SMS?

In short, no it doesn’t matter what model or make of handset your customer has in order for them to receive your marketing SMS. 

However it’s worth noting that the message may vary in format on each handset when received. For instance, smartphones may display the messages within a conversation format which includes previous messages you have sent from the same response number. They may also take on a more graphical appearance. An older model handset is likely to be more simple in it’s listing of messages and basic character view. 

Whichever handset your recipient has your message will still get through. One of the benefits of SMS is that it’s a simple form of marketing where the words are important not the creative design, allowing you to send messages to all users. 

For more information on how SMS marketing can help your business, please call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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