Why do people keep unsubscribing from my lists?

People may unsubscribe from your list for a number of reasons. It could be that they didn’t expect to receive SMS marketing messages when they gave their number, find they no longer require the messages you send or may no longer be receptive to the way in which you’re marketing. It’s important that the messages you’re sending out match the expectations the recipient has for the messages. For example if the person subscribed when they purchased a new T-shirt, it may not be appropriate to send them messages about credit card finance.

Also keep in mind the frequency with which you send your messages. While there’s no ‘perfect number’ it would be fair to say multiple messages a day or perhaps even more than one a week advertising a product or service would be excessive. On the other hand, if you’re a school sending out alerts on cancelled classes and exam times, you’d expect a high retention rate no matter how frequently you send.

Ultimately the unsubscribe rate comes down to what your subscribers expect and how close to that mark you are. 

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