Do I legally need T and C’s on my website that refers to my text messages?

While there are legislations that should be followed when carrying out SMS marketing (consent from recipients, allow them to unsubscribe etc.) you are not currently required to provide terms and conditions either on your website, in your text messages or in print form that specifically mention your SMS marketing activity. However it would still be advisable that you do include SMS marketing in your terms and conditions as you would any other marketing activity you undertake, not only to cover yourself in the case of legal proceedings but to offer clarity to your current and potential customers.

As a slight side note – SMS marketing falls under the 2002 E-commerce regulations which were passed in parliament in 2002. 

We hope that answers your question but if you have any further queries regarding laws and legislations of SMS please contact one of our Customer Support staff on 08451 221 302, who will be happy to help.

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