How Can Automotive Services Benefit from using SMS?

6 October 2015

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Feeling the pressure to remember important dates these days? You’re not alone, with increasingly busy lifestyles the distinct possibility of missing important dates including birthdays, appointments, expiry dates and delivery notifications is a real issue. Overlooking a date can be very costly if this is related to your car’s MOT, Tax, Insurance, servicing, parking permits or warranty. So how can adopting a SMS text service solve this issue?

Results from’s motorist opinion poll showed 4.7 million UK motorists miss their MOT renewal date each year. Driving without a valid MOT certificate carries a hefty fine of a maximum £1,000. In addition driving without an MOT can also invalidate your insurance policy. 

Around 12 million drivers in the UK (51%) say they would like to receive a reminder when their next MOT is due. With text-messaging being the fastest growing communication platform, having SMS reminders sent to motorists when their MOT is due will reduce these statistics and generate additional business! By using TextAnywhere Developer Toolkit, garages can integrate an automated text-messaging capability in to  their system so customers don’t miss their MOT appointment.This can result in increased business and strengthening their customer loyalty and future sales

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Motorist generally receive an insurance renewal communication and put off investigating alternative deals until it is too late to move supplier. What if you received notification from a third party a month before your vehicle insurance expires? This would allow you time to shop around and result in finding a better deal than your current renewal price?

By using TextAnywhere’s TextCampaign you can quickly upload your file of customer contacts and send a bulk reminder to allow them plenty to time to book their vehicle in prior to expiration or investigate alternative insurance arrangements.

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Vehicle dealerships and garages can also benefit from SMS by using it as a marketing tool. With 98% of all SMS messages are opened within 90 seconds of being received where as only 20% of emails are looked at.

By using Text Campaign, dealerships can easily send bulk promotional messages to their customers knowing  their is a higher success rate then emails. To receive more interest utilise a short-code and keyword service such as TextAnywhere’s Text Premium and run campaigns to have customers to text their name and the word MOTOR to 81025 to request a callback from a sales representative to discuss their new vehicle requirements.

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