Send an SMS to Your Customers on Their Birthday

13 September 2012

When targeting customers via an automated SMS service it is important to make sure that your messages sound personal and relevant to your customers. As human beings, we love to feel special and appreciated by others and what better way to make customers feel this way than by sending them a message on their birthday.

These birthday messages can be addressed specifically to the customer concerned with a simple greeting such as “Happy Birthday Nikki”. By including the name of your client within the message they are likely to appreciate the individual content and feel more valued as a customer.

As well as helping your customers to feel appreciated, birthday SMS messages can also be used to send out special offers and discounts as a gift. For instance, you could present your customer with a voucher for 10% off the next time they visit your store, or reward them with a free bottle of wine if they spend a certain amount of money. Awarding this discount within a birthday message will also once again help customers feel positively singled out and unique compared to other customers.

Setting up a birthday text messaging service is also important to your business for helping to identify a particular age group that will help to make targeting certain customers easier and more successful. Whether you are an insurance company selling an over 50s plan or a product that requires a certain age to be able to use it, knowing your customers’ ages is worthwhile.

Lastly, birthday SMS messages are the perfect way to simply let people know that you are still around. If you don’t interact with your client base via SMS or other marketing services often then it is easy for customers to forget about your business. Sending out birthday messages is a great reminder for people especially as SMS messages will be picked up instantaneously over mobile phones and could prompt them to check out your business once again.

The advantages of sending out birthday messages are endless and are likely to not only benefit your company but your customers too.  For more information on how you can use SMS Marketing to engage with your client base, please call the TextAnywhere team on 08451 221 302.

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