Bulk SMS Marketing, what is it?

SMS marketing is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your target audience. So why not reach as many customers as possible with Bulk SMS marketing.

28 March 2022

SMS marketing is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your target audience and is now becoming the preferred method of advertising and transactional communications.  With an open rate of up to 98% and a fast read rate within minutes, you can see why.  So why not reach as many customers as possible with Bulk SMS marketing.

You may think that SMS marketing is the same thing as Bulk SMS, but actually, it’s not!

So, what is Bulk SMS and how is it different from regular SMS? 

SMS marketing is suitable for differently sized organisations. It can work for all businesses, from the one-man band to the international corporate group and it can facilitate the sending of hundreds of thousands of messages at once.  For this level of SMS communication, you will need a reliable and robust route for delivery, when checking for reliability always think badges, like ISO27001.   

Bulk SMS Marketing differs from regular SMS as it allows you to send a text to a large number of people in one go. On the TextAnywhere platform, you can still personalise specific elements of your Bulk SMS messages, like regular SMS marketing messages. Think of it as an activity to make your businesses communications that little bit easier.

The ROI of SMS Marketing is very high but tends to vary slightly per campaign but you can expect an average of 500%. So, when sending SMS in bulk, you can expect the results to be exponentially better. 

You can send Bulk SMS via our Powerful in-house API too.  Texts can be sent from your PC straight out to your desired contacts with the click of a button.  Our SMS gateway can be integrated with your existing software in order to seamlessly deliver your SMS campaigns and bulk communications. 

What is Bulk SMS best for? 

If you are concerned that Bulk SMS messages might be viewed as spam by some, fear not, because the beauty of this type of engagement is that it’s welcome.  Your audience has the option to Opt-in or Opt-out of these communications.  They can text back ‘STOP’ to you at any time.  This only leaves you messaging the people who want to hear from you.  Transactional SMS messages do not usually require an Opt-out facility as these are transactions that can be expected by the recipient such as; ticket confirmations or essential reminders. 

Bulk SMS Marketing can help your business communications in a variety of different ways to suit your business needs; such as promotional or activity related information: 

  • Flash Saleslet your valued customers be the first to hear about your sales wherever they are.   
  • Back in Stock – lets customers know that your best-selling item is back in stock and available for purchase. 
  • Important Business Updates – do you have something important to tell all of your customers or potential customers?   

Or if you need to send out transactional communications to your subscribers: 

  • Tracking & Returns – send out personalised purchase updates to your customers to keep them in the loop.  Their names and even their product delivery dates can be included. 
  • Event Reminders & Updates – remind your guests about their up-and-coming concerts, festivals or major events.  Give them venue information and update them with changes as and when they happen. 
  • Click & Collect Notifications – let your customers know when their order is ready for collection with personalised messages to include their name, product location and times.  
  • School Closure – make sure that parents and carers are the first to know that school has had to close to avoid an unnecessary journey.   

Benefits of being a Bulk SMS Marketing sender 

If you are not already convinced that Bulk SMS would work for your organisation, take a minute to process these additional benefits: 

  • It’s quick to send – it can take seconds to put together a text and get it out to your contacts. 
  • It can be personalised – add the recipient’s name and relevant times and dates. 
  • It works for all sized companies – It doesn’t matter whether you are big or small, if you have a lot of people to reach, Bulk SMS is the best way. 
  • Reach people anywhere – Bulk SMS can be sent nationally or internationally and to any mobile network provider. 
  • Financial gains – Bulk SMS is the most cost-efficient way to reach the most amount of people at once.  
  • Make it two-way – as well as sending out messages for your audience, with personalisation, they can also reply back if an interaction is required.  

How Can Text Anywhere Fulfill Your Bulk SMS Marketing Needs?

With Text Anywhere, you can expect to face no hidden charges.  We are proud to offer our customers transparent pricing options at competitive prices.  You can easily track your campaigns using our SMS delivery reporting software.  Our API has been  developed with the industries  highest standard to work well with your existing software.  As previously mentioned, we are ISO27001 accredited, so, we are world class in our field of expertise and can guarantee you quality, safety and efficiency.  We are experts at what we do and have a library of genuine case studies and testimonials from our already satisfied customers.  We are one of the UK’s leading Bulk SMS providers, so you are in safe hands.   

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