How to use SMS Marketing in the Recruitment industry

27 February 2015

SMS mobile marketing is extremely flexible in regards to the number of industries you can use it for. Pretty much any industry that deals with communicating with either their staff, consumers or even business to business can utilise the simple yet incredible effective text message marketing strategy. The recruitment industry is just one example of and industry which can utilise text message marketing and here are just a few of the examples as to how to do this!

Relationship Building

Whether you want to build a relationship with a new or current client or just want to keep your candidates updated with what’s going on, text messaging is an opportune way in which you can build relationships. By keeping a log of all your contacts and using TextAnywhere segmentation service, you can keep all your contacts organised in different groups for easy and effect messaging. Personalising your messages is a great way to make your clients or candidates happy, try congratulating a candidate on a great interview. Whether it’s an industry event, right through to birthdays, you can personalise your messages to your recipient, this means better relationship building, better client base with the end goal being a higher ROI.

Notifying of Roles

If a new job position comes available, you might want to notify potential candidates immediately in order to get the recruiting process going and place them quickly ahead of competitions. Text messaging is an instant, cost effect and time efficient way of doing this. You may even want to send out a bulk message notifying a number of candidates about the role who you think would be suitable for the position.

Reminders and Organising Meetings

With many interviews happening and client meetings going on, the organisation of these events needs to be swift and instant. Text messaging allows you to organise meetings with your clients and reminding candidates of important dates such as interviews or any training that may be going on. Once these have been sent out, your receiver can opt in to respond to the messages, alerting you of dates, times or even just a confirmation.

These are just a few examples of how the recruitment industry can utilise text messaging for the benefit of the business. If you are interested in how you can utilise SMS marketing for your business or recruitment consultancy, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 for more information about TextAnywhere, or register for a free trial account.

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