Key Differences Between our Partner Programs

7 June 2013

TextAnywhere offer a number of Partner Programs that have all been developed to be simple to use and provide a rewarding experience for our users. Each program has its own unique set of benefits and capabilities to suit both you and your customers. Some of these differences will be listed below along with some key information to help you make the decision of which program will suit you best.

Reseller Partner:

Our reseller program allows users to introduce their own clients to our TextAnywhere services for a commission that could reach up to 20%. Users can view and track the commission they have accumulated through our online Partner Portal. This partner program is free to use and free to join so you don’t need to worry about any hidden charges.

White Label Partner:

This partnership program is for users who wish to take our SMS services and offer them to their clients as their own product. There will be no mention of our company name anywhere on the program and users can customise the services in their own colours, logos, and heading choices to ensure maximum personalisation. Users of our White Label service are charged a small set-up fee, a monthly charge and the cost of a message bundle. The profit you make on top of this is entirely yours to keep.

Custom Development Partner:

Lastly, we offer a custom partner program that allows users to build up their own customised text messaging applications for their clients to use. TextAnywhere have vast knowledge and experience in the field of end-user applications so we will be able to work closely with you regardless of the type of project you have in mind.

For more information on the range of Partner Programs TextAnywhere offer, and which program would best suit your needs,  please contact a member of staff on 08451 221 302.

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