Our Partner Programs and how to join them

20 September 2012

One of the ways that TextAnywhere engages with its clients is through offering a range of partner programs that have generated a lot of success for both parties who use it. Each program carries a selection of different benefits and uses. Here is a bit more information on the types of partner programs available at TextAnywhere to help you gain a better idea of which would suit you best.

Reseller Program:

This is a handy partnership program for companies who wish to offer the best SMS packages to their clients without the need to create the software themselves. You may wish to offer our portfolio of end-user applications to your clients by simply recommending our TextAnywhere packages as a suitable system for your customers or, if you’ve used our Developer Toolkit to add text-messaging to your own application, you may wish for your clients to have accounts with us directly. For these you’ll be rewarded with a commission of up to 20% of your clients’ spend with us. 

White Label SMS Service:

For those who would rather run their own SMS service, but would rather not spend the time or money that it takes to develop the necessary software, TextAnywhere’s white label service is a suitable option. This option allows you to take advantage of all the software we have developed and use your customisation and branding to claim this as your own. Our own branding will not be present anywhere, leaving you to decide how you would like your service to look. You get the full access to our SMS services while TextAnywhere retain a percentage of your profit as commission. This is the best and closest option there is for running a successful SMS service without developing the product yourself. 

Now that you have read through the options available and hopefully have a better idea of what we can offer, simply visit our website for more information on how to set up a partner program with TextAnywhere. Alternatively, please contact the TextAnywhere team on 08451 221 302 to discuss this in more detail.

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