Integrating Our SMS Gateway with Your Own Software

29 May 2012

We offer several SMS marketing tools to our customers however, we know that the best solution for your company may be to use your own which is why we also make our SMS Gateway available through an API. The TextAnywhere SMS Gateway API has been designed to work with virtually every development environment, including .NET, PHP, Java and Ruby on Rails. Visit the developer centre for code samples and instructions on how to integrate your application with our system.

SMS Gateway API toolkit capabilities:

  • Send SMS messages
  • Receive replies
  • Use of your own short code or long number
  • Find out the delivery status of every text message
  • Personalise the sent from field (aka the originator field)
  • Choice of free-to-receive messages or reverse billing messages

There are a few services which can be used with our API toolkit; using our SMTP service you can send out your messages from any application that can send and receive emails. There are only a few simple steps to follow to send SMS text messages in this way:

  • Send us an email with your recipients numbers also in the ‘To’ field of your email with the provided domain added to them (e.g. [email protected])
  • Write only your message content in the body of the email
  • Send the email and we will verify your details and extract the recipients details (numbers and message) to send out the text straight away
  • You can also receive replies back to your email application

We also have a HTTPS service where you can send and receive messages using a single HTTP(S) command from within your application or website. See our send SMS guide for instructions on how to send out your messages with this service.

You only pay for the messages you send out; there are no set-up fees and no contracts, our API is completely free to use too!

Check out our developer centre for more information, or sign up for an account today to get started.

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