Highlights of TextAnywhere’s HTTP(S) SMS Service

1 March 2013

Our HTTP(S) service is one of the three API’s or Application Programming Interfaces available to our clients alongside our web and SMTP services. The goal of all three of these services is to enable our clients to combine our web SMS services with their existing web sites and applications. This allows for smooth and hassle free integration between the two.

The HTTP(S) connector specifically lets you send and receive SMS messages within your website or application using our simple HTTP(S) command. The (S) denotes the ability to use SSL encryption to send and receive your messages securely.

Here are some of the main highlights of our HTTP(S) service:

  • You can send extended length text messages that appear as a single SMS on your recipients’ handset.
  • You can choose whether you want your messages to appear from a long number (traditional mobile style number), a short code, or an 11 character text string.
  • Receive replies swiftly to your messages regardless of whether you are using HTTP (non-secure) or HTTPS (secure).
  • Easily check the delivery status of your messages so that you know immediately whether they have been received by the desired recipient. You also have the option to check a single message in particular as opposed to checking in bulk.
  • Receive messages from your customers to your chosen long or short code number. This is particularly good for responding to orders or customer enquiries.

For more information on using our HTTP(S) service please visit our Developer Centre or contact a member of our Customer Care team on 08451 221 302.

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