Service Reminders with SMS

7 September 2012

Using an SMS solution is a great way to send out important service reminders to your customers, regardless of the type of business you run. The use of such a service can not only help you but also provide your customers with great benefits as an addition.

Sending text messages is quick, they can be picked up by the recipient instantaneously and can even be interacted with to help you communicate better with your clientele. Take a look at just some of the ways that service reminders via SMS can be used within a business environment:

  1. Medical appointment reminders: Hospitals, doctors and dental surgeries can all make use of service reminders sent by SMS to remind patients of their upcoming appointments. By using this cheap service they can send a large volume of messages to patients for them to pick up on their mobile phones. This is likely to save medical establishments a lot of time and money as these reminders will cut down the number of missed appointments that need amending.
  2. Salon appointments: Beauticians and hair dressers can use the same SMS service to send out SMS reminders to their clients about future appointments. Customers who forget to turn up for their appointments can cost businesses in this industry a lot of money so a cost effective, reliable service that can help to remedy this is likely to have a very positive impact.
  3. Classes and courses: There are a multitude of different classes and courses used by a range of businesses that require a specific number of attendees for them to go ahead. Once again, an SMS service reminder can notify attendees in advance of their upcoming course booking to cut down on the number of no-shows.

By also enabling a feature that lets customers reply to these reminders businesses can allow their clients to cancel or reschedule their appointments and bookings. This will once again save time and money, and is also likely to keep customers happy by preventing them from missing their important appointments or losing out on costly deposits.

There are plenty of uses for SMS service reminders regardless of the type of company you run so it is well worth checking out some of these packages to see how they can work for you.  For more information feel free to call the TextAnywhere team on +44 8451 221 302 or email us on [email protected].

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