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We help the retail sector to send delivery updates, send promotions and share real time sales data.

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Retailers are supercharging sales with SMS

Online retail increased to a record level in January 2021 reaching 35.2% up from 29.6% in December 2020. This increase isn’t expected to stop as experts predict that customers will continue to purchase online rather than in-store. As a result, it’s imperative that retailers use digital channels such as SMS. With 75% of clients wanting to receive offers via SMS; it’s a great way to drive sales and support your customers. 

  • Drive sales
  • Support customers
  • Share updates

Keep your customers up-to-date with your latest offers

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Delivery notifications

SMS will keep your customers updated using delivery notifications.

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Sales and offers

75% of customers want to receive special offers via SMS.

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Real time sales data

Real time sales data can be sent to managers using SMS.

Delivery notifications

When a product is purchased online, the majority of these orders will require home delivery. Deliveries will have various stages such as package dispatched, out for delivery and delivered.

SMS can keep the consumer updated with these delivery notifications. Messages can be sent to customers confirming when a delivery will be made. They can also provide an up-to-date delivery window, ensuring delivery can happen in a timely manner. If the customer is out, the message can include redelivery details including the option to deliver to a neighbour.

  • Parcel updates
  • Delivery times
  • Delivered details
TextAnywhere Retail SMS Delivery Notifications Example
TextAnywhere Retail SMS Sales & Offers Example

Sales and offers

75% of customers want to receive special offers via SMS. They want to know when the best deal is available on a product they are interested in. SMS allows for personalised messages to be sent to customers offering special deals or flash sales. This creates instant demand as customers can be segmented into different groups to ensure the right offer is being sent to the right person. Targeting the right customer with the right offer is a sure way to get more sales.

  • Increase sales
  • Promote offers
  • Tailor deals

Real time sales data

Within the retail environment, managers need to be kept updated with the latest sales figures. Sales data is especially important for large chains with several stores throughout the country. Through our SMS service, tailored sales figures can be securely sent to store managers, regional managers and directors. This sends protected up-to-the-minute store and region performance data straight to their mobile phones. 

  • Realtime data
  • Accessible anywhere 
  • Quick and secure
TextAnywhere Retail SMS Real Time Sales Data Example

Since Harveys has been using text-messaging to contact its customers, inbound customer enquiries have dropped by 90%, first time deliveries are significantly up and the quality of client sales support has improved.

Harveys – The furniture store

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