SMS for the business sector

We help businesses to send appointment reminders; facilitate two-way customer conversations, send alerts and more.

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Harness the power of business SMS

Communication can make or break a business. It’s more important than ever that you’re easily available to your customers. You need to be able to notify staff immediately and save time by automating daily communications. By harnessing the power of business SMS you can confidently communicate with your customers and employees. 

  • 97% average open rate
  • 90% of messages read within 3 minutes
  • Send time critical messages with the click of a button

Make business SMS work for you 

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Appointment reminders

Take back time and concentrate on growing your business by automating customer communication.

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Two-way conversations 

Reduce call volumes and deal with customer complaints quicker using two-way SMS communication.

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Business alerts

Set up SMS Alerts, to notify your teams to urgent messages immediately.

Appointment reminders

It can be overly time consuming contacting your customers one by one about their appointments. Make SMS work for you; take back time by automating customer communication. You can reduce no shows or cancellations by sending automated appointment reminders using our auto SMS service.

  • Reduce workload
  • Avoid no shows and cancellations
  • Create bespoke automated rules
TextAnywhere Business SMS Appointment Reminders Example
TextAnywhere Business SMS Two-Way Conversations Example

Two-way conversations 

Customers expect more from customer service; they’re no longer happy waiting in long call queues so they can talk to a support agent. Reduce call volumes and deal with customer complaints quicker using two-way SMS communication. Using a virtual SMS number you’re able to facilitate a SMS conversation directly with your customers where you can efficiently and effectively help.

  • Build customer relationships
  • Reduce call queues
  • Quickly solve customer problems

Business alerts

You may encounter situations which require rapid mobilisation of specific teams. For example, as a utilities company, you may need to fix a burst mains pipe as a matter of urgency. Therefore, you need to ensure that your engineers are informed and mobilised as quickly as possible. By setting up SMS Alerts, you can ensure that an email, which could remain unread for hours, is forwarded onto relevant teams as an SMS. SMS messages are read within an average of 3 minutes, this simple SMS service will save you vital time as your engineers are notified immediately.

  • Immediate communication
  • Urgent messages
  • Save time
TextAnywhere Business SMS Business Alerts Example

I have found that the partnership with TextAnywhere has worked extremely well, with Reynardine Software’s clients happily relying on the service to deliver their text messages each day. I also know that if I have a question I can pick up the phone and talk to their tech guys whenever I need to.

Mike Thompson – Managing Director of Reynardine Software

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