Send texts from your PC

With the TextAnywhere service you are able to send texts from your PC, as easily as you would send emails.

How to send SMS from your computer

Our SMS platform has been designed to be easy-to-use and can operate from any web browser, meaning you can send from any computer connected to the internet. You’ll need your free TextAnywhere account to send SMS from your PC

Sending SMS from your computer involves just four steps:

  1. Using TextOnline, write your message or select a template.
  2. Enter sender details, so individuals know who the message is from (i.e. company name) or choose one of our free reply numbers.
  3. Add the phone numbers you wish to send to.
  4. Click send message.

Straightforward, direct and secure. Looking to send SMS from your Email Address? See our Email to SMS Service

Why TextAnywhere?

Our range of text messaging services enable you to send and receive text messages through online applications, via email and through a developer toolkit.

Whether you wish to send business critical notifications, encourage employee engagement, or want to enable people to text in to your organisation, TextAnywhere has an application to enable you to send texts from a PC.

Our two web-based applications, TextOnline and TextCampaign, enable you to login to your secure TextAnywhere account, and send SMS messages direct from your desktop to contacts stored in online address books, or to groups of people located in a pre-prepared spreadsheet.

As well as sending text messages, you can also receive replies to your sent messages, with replies coming back to your email, or stored in an online spreadsheet.

You can also send texts from your desktop through our email-to-SMS services. TextMail enables you to send text messages from any email system, and TextOMS enables you to send texts directly from within Microsoft Outlook 2007, and above.

With both of our email-to-SMS services, you can receive replies to your messages back in to your email inbox. You also receive a confirmation email that your text message was delivered to the recipient’s handset.

With our developer toolkit you can integrate the sending of text messages directly in to your own application or web site. We have a Web Service and an HTTPS Service that enable you to automatically send text messages from your PC or server application.

With each of these applications and our developer toolkit you just pay for the texts you send from your desktop. Three are no sign-up charges, no ongoing fees, and no minimum contract length.

TextAnywhere has been providing services to enable a wide variety of organisations to send texts online since 2003, from bulk SMS to alerts and more.

To see if our services could work for you and your business, simply open an account via our Free Trial page and we’ll give you 20 free credits to get you started.

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