How to set up an SMS long number

Using an Inbound SMS number is a good idea for companies who wish to receive direct responses from their customers.

You will be given a unique 11 digit phone number which can be used to help you run your inbound marketing programs, or as a number that customers can contact for enquiries. 

The TextInbound service has a variety of uses. For instance customers may feel more inclined to respond to your message when it’s received as a full length mobile number. It might appear more personal and direct in the health sector environment, or from a public organisation (school, library, etc).  You can set the number up to forward on messages from your customers directly to a chosen email account so they can be responded to individually too. Other uses include running competitions, hosting a vote or poll in which customers text in a given number or letter choice, or as a way of confirming appointments based on an SMS reminder message.

You can also attach specific keywords to your number that customers can use when texting you. This is perfect for companies who are running a number of simultaneous campaigns. By beginning their message with one of these keywords you can program the inbound service to filter your customer’s response to a series of email accounts set up to deal with each keyword specifically or to send out an automated response based on the keyword received. For instance, by texting the keyword ‘WIN’ your customer can automatically be entered into a competition you are running and an automated reply can be sent  back to the customer thanking them for entering and giving them important information about the competition process such as closing dates and how to find out if they have won. You may have seen this example used alongside a Short Code numbering scheme as well as with TextInbound unique 11 digit SMS number.

Setting up an inbound SMS number is cheap, simple and a great way of keeping track of multiple inbound marketing campaigns without any hassle.

Simply visit our SMS Long Numbers page for more information, alternatively, feel free to contact the TextAnywhere team on 08451 221 302 or at [email protected].

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