Customer feedback survey

Customer feedback can be invaluable to brands, so utilising tools like SMS surveys, to make this process as convenient as possible for customers, is vital.

Trustpilot recently reported that a totally satisfied customer contributes 2.6 times more revenue, than a somewhat satisfied customer, and 14 times more than a somewhat dissatisfied customer. Given these figures, it is clear just how important customer feedback can be to a businesses success. 

However, as shopper numbers within stores continue to decline, retailers need to think of alternative ways to collect feedback and ensure their customers are content. As SMS benefits from an average click through and conversion rate between 19 – 32%, (even more impressive considering the average for email is just 3%), an SMS customer feedback survey could prove invaluable to your business.

Introducing SMS Surveys

Surveys are a great way to obtain customer feedback and with 95.3% of consumers saying they would respond to a text survey, SMS can be a much more effective method.

As you can see in the video above, creating a linear survey in the TextAnywhere platform is really simple and the information you can receive as a result, is vast. Also, for those of you who may be considering something a little more sophisticated, there is also the option to introduce branched logic to your survey – enabling you to present different questions to recipients, based on the answers received.

Run customer feedback surveys, whilst reducing your brands carbon footprint

For a business to succeed in today’s competitive market they need to stand for something above and beyond their price and product. By helping the environment we live in and making a stand to improve the world for future generations, customers are more likely to stay loyal and this is where SMS can help.

Since just one email can produce up to 4g of CO2e, but one text message produces a fraction of that at 0.014g of CO2e; SMS can enable your brand to reduce their carbon footprint, without compromising on the level of communication.

Additionally, TextAnywhere is proud to say that we are officially accredited with an ISO 27001 certificate in Information Security Management. So you can be rest assured that your messages are being delivered to your customers, by a company with stringent security protocols in place.

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