Customer engagement

An overview of the importance of customer engagement within the retail sector.

High street store closures are at an all time high and given how important the customer experience is to successful customer engagement, retailers need to think outside the confines of brick and mortar, to connect with their customers. 

Most businesses are aware of the value an engaged customer can bring, but to put it into perspective, brands that put customer experience at the forefront of their strategy deliver on average an additional 14% revenue growth within 5 years, when compared to those that don’t.  

Keeping customers engaged can be a challenge, but with 54% of consumers anticipating a personalised discount within just one day of providing their details to a retailer, perhaps the largest hurdle is around speed of communication.  Given that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, using SMS as a channel to engage with your customers, could prove very effective.

*Source: Esendex

Introducing Business SMS 

Given that people pick up their phone on average 58 times a day, sending your communications via SMS, could ensure that even time sensitive messages, for example notification of a flash sale, are delivered within a relevant time frame.

As you can see from the how to video above, you can integrate SMS into your communication strategy with ease, enabling you to engage with your customers in real-time.

How Encore utilised TextAnywhere’s services platform to secure 70% of attendees at their latest event

Through our robust platform, fashion retailer Encore, are able to maintain a more personable relationship with customers through SMS. SMS communications are used to drive footfall, sales and overall promote customer engagement. 

Most recently an SMS campaign was sent to promote an event launch night and Founder and Director Paul Woods, said roughly 70% of attendees, used their SMS invitation on the door.

Increase customer engagement, whilst reducing your brands carbon footprint

For a business to succeed in today’s competitive market they need to stand for something above and beyond their price and product. By helping the environment we live in and making a stand to improve the world for future generations, customers are more likely to stay loyal and this is where SMS can help.

Since just one email can produce up to 4g of CO2e, but one text message produces a fraction of that at 0.014g of CO2e; SMS can enable your brand to reduce their carbon footprint, without compromising on the level of communication.

Additionally, TextAnywhere is proud to say that we are officially accredited with an ISO 27001 certificate in Information Security Management. So you can be rest assured that your messages are being delivered to your customers, by a company with stringent security protocols in place.

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