How can my customers reply to my SMS messages?

Our TextOnline, TextCampaign, TextMail and TextOMS applications and our Web Service and HTTPS Service APIs can make use of our reply path feature at no additional cost. The reply path is a pool of long numbers that are allocated to outgoing messages on a per message basis.

When you send a message that you would like the recipient to be able to reply to, you select one of the reply options, and our system allocates a virtual mobile number to the message that the recipient can reply back to.

When a reply comes in to our system we match it to the original outbound message, and then give you the reply and the original message. You receive the reply either as an email, in your online inbox or we store it in an online spreadsheet, depending on how you chose to receive your replies.

Our system will also log the incoming reply message against your account, so it is detailed in your account’s admin panel reports. The reply path capability remains open for seven days for a recipient to be able to reply to your message.

In addition to our applications’ built-in and free-to-use reply path services, you can also invite clients to reply to your messages by texting in to a given short code number or long number within the message body. So your SMS message may appear to come from your organisation’s name, rather than one of our reply path numbers, but in your message body you could invite replies by stating “For more INFO to 84025”, for example.

For more information on our SMS messaging system, feel free to call our Customer Services team on 08451 221 302.

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