What’s the best way to track the performance of an SMS campaign?

There are many ways to track the performance of your SMS marketing campaign.

The first step is to track the quality of the data that you are using. You do this by looking at the delivery success of the messages you sent. Did most of the messages get delivered to the handsets? When a message is successfully delivered to a handset, a delivery receipt is provided back to us. From the Admin Panel of your account you can run a report that shows the delivery success of each message you sent.

If any messages are failing to be delivered, then remove these numbers from your next campaign – no point in wasting your marketing budget!

The second step in tracking the success of your SMS marketing campaign is to track the number of people who took the call-to-action you made inside the SMS message. As you can include web addresses (URLs) inside text messages, a common call-to-action is to include a unique, tiny URL for a web page, and encourage recipients to click on the link. With this approach, you can then track the number of people who arrive on your web page from the SMS message, using web-tracking tools, such as Google Analytics.

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