How text messaging will impact courier businesses in 2017

8 March 2017

The rise in technology has undoubtedly changed the way most industries and the businesses operate within them. However, when it comes to the courier industry, technology has completely redefined it; changing both consumer expectations and how organisations within the industry operate.

The digital revolution has made everything instant, customers want to be able to monitor their parcels and be assured that they will experience the quickest delivery possible. As confirmed in research conducted by Accenture, the industry is seeing “power shifting to the consumer” and “new technology (that) will change the game” (Adding Value to Parcel Delivery  – September 2015).

Delivering to Customer Needs

Text messaging and mobile marketing is a great way for courier organisations to meet this need and speak directly to the customer; utilising new technology and meeting their expectations. The service can be used to send updates and notifications about where parcels are, expected delivery dates and further information such as order numbers and package details via URLs to “parcel tracking” for customers to get interactive with their order. 

TextAnywhere’s API enables you to integrate SMS within your own systems and send automated messages, making the process of setting up these messages as easy as possible. With minimal hassle for couriers, customers can be kept informed of their delivery and happy.

Standing Out Through Text

While maintaining customers informed and adding value to your organisation is vital, in reality, we have all come to expect this type of text message from postal companies. If you are in the courier industry it would be perfectly reasonable for you to have thought “but doesn’t everyone do that?” when reading that last paragraph!

So how can courier companies use text messaging to differentiate their business in the competitive market? Especially when, as Mintel states, “competition is increasing parcel volumes at a faster rate than revenue” (Courier and Express Delivery – UK – May 2016). The reality is couriers need to start thinking beyond the traditional uses for text marketing – so instead of using it to speak to customers, use it to get them to speak to you!

Our TextSurvey service gives couriers the opportunity to create simple single or multiple question surveys. Couriers can utilise this by sending out a series of questions after a delivery has been fulfilled. This will provide data that can inform future decisions and give companies a competitive advantage, as they will know exactly what the customer wants. It can also be used to measure performance, giving companies a better knowledge of their business plus data that can potentially be used to set targets or key performance indicators for drivers. If the courier is delivering for a third party, survey data could also provide evidence of the quality of service. Being able to say, “all your customers thought we did a great job” is likely to increase the likelihood of getting more work from that supplier.

Mobile Returns Processing

Utilising shortcode and keyword communication services enable courier businesses to offer customers more flexible return policies. Through using a two-way service, by sending a text saying ‘size’ or ‘faulty’, customers can report back issues at their convenience, as opposed to using a physical store. Not only does this benefit the consumer, but also couriers, saving time and resource on manual processing of returns, particularly when integrating text platforms with a CRM or stock management system.

In-Team Text

Efficient communications between people in courier businesses is crucial to success. Text as a communication method doesn’t only benefit couriers in terms of liaising with clients; it also can provide an effective outlet for connecting teams. Our products enable groups of couriers working in designated regions to hold text conversations and provide notifications of traffic and weather warnings. This can help drivers to plan routes, ensuring accurate delivery and satisfied customers.

The Research from Accenture recommends that businesses in the courier industry must “focus on the recipient” as a result of the “rise of the digital consumer”. Utilising text marketing and mobile marketing doesn’t just enable couriers to meet changes to the industry, it takes advantages of these changes and utilises them to meet expectations and gain a competitive advantage.

If you want to discuss more ways to use text marketing in the courier industry or learn more about our services then contact us today! You can talk to our specialist Customer Care team at [email protected] to discuss your next steps.  

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