Why is SMS Marketing Important for a Successful Marketing Plan?

29 October 2012

With so many different marketing channels available for interacting with your target audience, it is important to make the most of them all to reap the benefits of each. When it comes to putting together a successful marketing plan, businesses should always include SMS marketing as one of their selected channels.

SMS marketing is an integral part of any marketing strategy for many reasons. The first being that it allows businesses to initiate direct interaction with their customers. Sending texts to a mobile phone is almost instantaneous and the messages are guaranteed to be read very quickly as most people tend to keep their mobile phones about their person at all times.

Because businesses will have already built up an opted in customer database containing information such as mobile phone numbers, the information will have been supplied willingly by the customers themselves. Therefore, sending text messages is likely to have a much higher conversion rate due to the fact that the customers being targeted will have already expressed an interest in the company, its news and offers.

Text messages are a very personal method of contact due to the nature of a mobile phone number being unique to the customer. Therefore, SMS messages are a great way to make customers feel appreciated and individual too. While other forms of marketing may make customers feel as though they are simply part of the crowd, the ability to send personalised text messages will also help to increase the sense of individuality.

Another important feature of SMS marketing is the fact that it is incredibly cheap when compared to other forms of marketing. TextAnywhere allows clients to purchase bundles of text messages of any amount. Companies will then use these pre-paid texts to send their customers a specific campaign message, or other of their choice ie: appointment reminders. SMS messages can be sent as often and as little as is necessary with the ability to have complete control over what is sent, to whom, and when. It is a very flexible way to reach customers who have already shown an interest in the product or service.

For more information on incorporating SMS marketing into your business strategy then please consult our main website or contact one of our experienced team members on 08451 221 302.

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