What’s the future of SMS Marketing?

8 September 2015

Text Messaging or SMS (Short Message Service) has come a long way since the first short message was sent back in 1992 from a computer. Fast forward twenty three years to 2015 and text messages are involved with our everyday life, whether it be contacting your friends, appointment reminders or special offers from your favourite brands. With over 7 billion mobile subscriptions roaming the world, we have outlined a brief history of the SMS, as well as some interesting statistics to get you thinking about how important text messaging is in your marketing strategy:

This year marks the first year that mobile search has overtaken desktop search, with people using their mobile devices on the go, the business need for going mobile is vital. Our smartphones are constantly glued to our hands, and with updated models being released every month, this need isn’t going to change any time soon. SMS marketing is one of the best and most efficient options to contact customers, especially whilst they are on the move. Although many people now receive emails to their smartphones too, the open rate of a text message still far exceeds the open rate of an email.

We lead such busy lives now, where would we be without our text message reminders? Whether it’s for a doctor’s appointment, restaurant booking or an offer from the local takeaway; SMS marketing is a useful way to remind customers of your services, without getting in the way.


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