The importance of SMS marketing in 2013

8 January 2013

We all do it every single year. We make a long list of all the things we’re going to change in order to improve our lifestyles in preparation for the New Year. Unfortunately, many of us rarely stick to these resolutions and end up following the same habits that we possessed in the years before. However, if there’s one resolution you do try to stick to in 2013, make sure it refers to your SMS marketing strategy. After all a new year is a new start, right? So what better time to start making improvements to the way you target your customers?

Here are some reasons why you should master your SMS marketing strategy in 2013.

  1. To make the most of the high open rates: The open rates for text messages are much higher than the open rate for emails. This could be due to the fact that email accounts contain a higher percentage of spam due to the ability to receive messages from unknown senders without opting in. Customers are therefore much more suspicious of email messages and opening attachments containing viruses, etc which could result in your messages being accidentally deleted or left unopened by your customers. Text messages are also a much more personal method of communication due to the personal nature of mobile handsets. Again, the fact that marketing SMS messages are opt-in only means that your customers will want to receive your messages.
  2. And the high conversion rates: As I’ve already mentioned, marketing messages are an opt-in service only. Your customers actually want to receive your messages so they are much more likely to engage with any material you might send via SMS such as promotional offers, competitions, or click-through interactions with any contact numbers or website links you might provide.
  3. Because SMS messages get to the point: We all lead busy lives so more and more people like to access content on-the-go. No one has the time to read through lengthy emails that can be summed up in a couple of sentences. SMS messages let you get your message across in a limited number of characters so that your customers can get the information they need to know delivered directly to their handset in a matter of seconds.
  4. SMS marketing is low-cost: With SMS marketing services you can purchase a bundle of text messages in bulk to send to your customers whenever you like. Because you only pay a small fee for the messages you send, you cut out the design, print and distribution costs that come with traditional marketing methods, and it’s a lot kinder to the environment too!
  5. And finally… you don’t want to be left out: No doubt your competitors will also be refining their marketing strategies in the wake of a New Year which will make for much more successful with future campaigns. Keep at the forefront of mobile marketing by improving your strategy and making the most of the continued growth of mobile usage across the globe.

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