The benefits of sending coupons and vouchers via SMS

7 December 2012

In a world that is dominated by money, it’s nice to be given something for free once in a while. People love to receive vouchers and coupons that can help them save money and offering discounts to your customers is a great way to build up a positive brand presence. When it comes to giving out discounts, however, make sure you choose to send SMS vouchers instead of the paper version.

Here’s why:

  • Paper coupons are notorious for getting lost, forgotten or damaged. How many times have you got to the till and realised you’ve left your ‘£5 off’ voucher at home, or accidentally thrown it in the bin along with a handful of other receipts and bits of paper? Mobile coupons cut out the fuss of trying to keep track of a flimsy piece of paper by storing the same discount somewhere that is easy to access and always close at hand.
  • Most people carry their mobile phones with them at all times, which means that customers are more likely to use them, resulting in a higher redemption rate. The nature of mobile phones being portable allows for coupons to be accessed on the go, anytime, so they can be cashed in as soon as they are received.
  • SMS messages are easy to share with contacts. They can be easily forwarded on to friends and family members by the original recipients, resulting in a wider audience and increased profit. A good example of this sharing is Orange’s deal with Odeon cinema offering their mobile customers a 2 for 1 deal on cinema tickets every Wednesday. Customers can text ‘FILM’ to 241 and receive an SMS coupon to be traded at the till when they arrive at the cinema. The message can even be forwarded on to friends so that they can make use of the offer even if the original Orange customer isn’t attending the screening themselves.
  • Mobile coupons are much cheaper to produce than paper versions. Instead of paying for the coupons to be printed in magazines or onto slips of paper, companies only need to pay the price of the total SMS messages they are going to send. This works out a lot cheaper and simpler. Taking into account the amount of wasted coupons being produced in paper form, text message coupons will save a lot of money.

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