The 3 Don’ts of SMS Marketing

20 February 2015

With SMS marketing there are many do’s to make your campaign successful. The content you send out, responding to your customer, making it personal, the list goes on. However with a text message marketing strategy you may be doing everything correctly to create the perfect campaign, but it could be the things you shouldn’t be doing that are being missed. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your account, by NOT doing certain things.

The 3 biggest mistakes of an SMS campaign are:

  • Bad content
  • Over or under sending of messages
  • Lack of direction for the customer

Bad content

Getting the content of your messages right is absolutely essential for a good campaign to become a really successful campaign. Sending out a campaign that contains spammy, low quality content is more detrimental that sending out no campaign at all. As simple and basic as it may be, checking spelling and grammar within your messages is vital, any mistakes will quickly be picked up and customers will deem your campaign as rubbish. Also, remember to update content regularly; sending out the same generic message time after time will soon lead your customers to deem your messages as annoying junk. Keeping up with regular, fresh and interesting content allows for a keen interest every time a message is sent out. It’s these simple errors that considerably reduce the integrity of your SMS Campaign and put customers off. Reinforce the value of your message with quality content.

Over or under sending messages

Over or under sending messages to customers can be very damaging to your business, as simple as it may sound, sending the right amount of texts is as important a factor as sending a successful campaign. We suggest an average number of perhaps 2-3 texts however every business is different with a variety of needs and events. Find out what works best your business and run with it. Timing is also crucial in regards to your Text Message Campaign. This is why TextAnywhere have incorporated our scheduled message option, to give you the opportunity to send out your messages, at the right time without having to physically be at your desk at the time of send.

Lack of direction for your customer

So, you’ve perfected your campaign, your quality is spot on and your timing is absolutely perfect. Your customer receives the message, loves what you’re saying and…what next? The last topic is very important. Always include a point of contact, or call to action, within your message to ensure that your customers can get straight back to either your website, social media platform or call you directly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity you’ve set up.  Your customer want to interactive with you, and it’ll keep them coming back if they know you’re there and listening.

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