SMS Services For Social Clubs

24 October 2012

When you are running a social club it is important to be able to easily keep in contact with members, especially at short notice. This is where you need a communication device that will instantly deliver important information to club members to prevent them from potentially missing out.

Here at TextAnywhere we have put together a variety of packages that will allow users to send out bulk SMS messages to their members, which will be delivered instantaneously to their mobile phones. All of our services are simple to use and can be customised as much as you like to fit in with the requirements of your club.

With TextAnywhere you can send out SMS messages to as many members as you wish from any web-enabled computer enabling you to contact them just as soon as you decide on the information your customers need to know. For example, if the club is to be closed at short notice, or you wish to remind members to bring specific items with them for an upcoming event, then an SMS message service comes in handy.

As well as the ability to send messages to your members, it is also possible to use some of TextAnywhere’s packages to receive responses from them. Our TextInbound service, for example, lets account administrators choose a unique 11 digit phone number as a way of being contacted by members. You can also use this number to host competitions or polls between club members. This would be especially useful for asking members to vote for their favourite theme for a social event or to prompt members to renew their membership via text message.

There are many ways to use your chosen packages and to make keeping in touch with your club members even easier. To find out more about the services we provide, and how these can benefit you, then please contact our team on 0845 122 1302.

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