SMS Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

28 January 2013

If you have been thinking about engaging in SMS marketing campaigns but need a bit more information first then read these benefits to find out why SMS marketing should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

SMS messages vs. Email messages: Sending bulk SMS messages is quick and easy. Just like sending an email, you can simply write down what you want to say and it will be sent to your client list in a matter of seconds. While email marketing also shares the benefits of being cost-effective and instantaneous, SMS marketing enjoys a higher open rate which is likely to increase conversion rates as a result.

The reduced number of characters available in a text message also allows you to be clear and concise with what you need to say and won’t make your customers feel put off by large amounts of text. Also, because text messages are delivered to a mobile device, they can be picked up, read and responded to while your customers are on-the-go in a much simpler way than email messages.

SMS coupons vs. Printed coupons: Many businesses have found success by offering discounts and promotions to customers in the form of printed coupons. These coupons can be cashed in at the till or redeemed online by typing in a code. However, the traditional paper method has long carried with it certain disadvantages such as being easily lost, damaged or simply forgotten. Sending the same discount via SMS expunges these issues as most people keep their mobile phone on their person at all times allowing for a higher redemption rate. SMS coupons also enjoy increased shareability as they can be easily forwarded by customers to contacts via text message.

SMS messages vs. Phone calls: Businesses are starting to recognise that ‘cold calling’ is not the best approach for contacting customers due to its intrusive nature. Because of laws governing SMS marketing and the subsequent inability for companies to acquire client phone numbers without their permission, the customers you contact via SMS will only be customers who are interested in receiving information about your product or service. Unlike a phone call, SMS messages don’t require an immediate response so if you have caught your customers at a bad time or if they are not at home, they can still pick up your message at a later date.

Other SMS marketing benefits:

  1. Because you are only paying for the messages you send, SMS marketing is low-cost and does not require money to be spent on design, print, publication or distribution like other forms of printed marketing.
  2. The information you send your customers can be received quickly and efficiently to ensure practicality for both sides. For instance, appointment reminders sent via text reduce the number of missed appointments and cancellations, which is beneficial for both parties.
  3. Text messages can also be much more highly personalised to target particular customers and customer groups. This will boost positive views of your brand which could translate into a higher number of sales and customer loyalty.

If you would like to know more about how TextAnywhere can help you with your SMS marketing campaign then please contact a member of our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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