SMS Marketing Tricks and Treats for your business this Halloween

20 October 2015


Many organisations incorporate SMS marketing into their marketing campaign in a bid to improve their strategy, when it comes to attracting new clients as well as keeping current clients interested in their services.

SMS marketing is believed to be one of the most successful tools to a company’s marketing strategy, and as text messages are now considered to be part of a person’s daily routine, there’s no better time to start your SMS campaign than now.

According to business organisation CBI, Halloween is apparently now the third most popular family celebration after Christmas and Easter, with the season supposedly worth over £300 million in Britain. With this in mind, and Halloween just around the corner, we’ve listed some ‘tricks and treats’ for your text marketing campaign this season…


  • Use Halloween (or any season!) as a reason to collect market research Why not create a SMS survey with TextAnywhere’s Text Survey tool. You can create theme based questions relating to your services or product, making it fun for your customers. You will then be able to view all the responses in an easy to read report and use this valuable data to strengthen your services.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action It could be something as simple as offering a code for free delivery using the code ‘Halloween’ but ensure it’s something that will prompt users to visit your website or store.
  • Keep it simple Although smart phones no longer break up long text messages, short clear messages are proven to have higher engagement then chunky long worded texts. With TextAnywhere you can send a maximum of 918 characters (6 messages) and can set your own personal limit of the maximum amount of characters you would like to send at once.



  • Allow users to opt out if they want to Nothing is more annoying (or scary!) than being pestered by unwanted text messages. Text Anywhere offers a free Opt-Out service, simply end your message by letting everyone know they can Opt-Out any of your messages by replying saying ‘STOP’. Allowing consumers, the option to unsubscribe will make them less likely to, surprisingly!
  • Offer treats! Use this spooky season to run competitions and encourage people to get involved with your business. You can run competitions easily with Text Premium – SMS Short Codes, which is a payable service in which you can purchase a short code and keyword. For example, if you own a cookware brand, you could run a spooktacular competition in which customers can text the word “SPOOK” to 81025 for a chance to win an exclusive seasonal themed product.

Using seasons throughout the year as a theme for your SMS marketing campaigns is just one simple way you can make your campaigns more effective.

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