SMS Marketing – To the Future and Beyond

28 April 2014

Mobile marketing has seen rapid growth in the last 10 years and proved to be a very effective marketing tool.  As the simple mobile has evolved into the smart phone mobile marketing now includes: mobile search, multimedia messaging and Bluetooth advertising right through to video messaging technology.

With the advent of these new technologies some have hastily concluded that the Short Message Marketing or SMS as its known may suffer popularity in the future. However, SMS has many attributes and strengths over other means of mobile marketing that will ensure success for many years to come.

As well as most standard mobile phones, all smart phones have a text facility.  Texting is a unique way of communication for most of us and has not been rivalled in any way by the newer smart phones.  Text is a far more widely available, more affordable and easy to use than other mobile media.

SMS messaging is a great way for small businesses to reach their customers all within a smaller budget.  SMS messaging is also used by larger organisations to carry out nationwide promotions in a very cost effective manner.

Unlike creating a mobile app or designing a multimedia message, SMS marketing requires little investment and can be implemented in minutes.  SMS platform is easy to use and requires only the briefest tuition to create effective on-going campaigns.

As well as sales or marketing campaigns and general information that you want to convey to your customers SMS has other attractive features.  SMS Reminders politely remind the consumer and lead to fewer missed appointments and the associated costs.  Whether it is a Doctor’s appointment, a bank review or a haircut, SMS reminders provide for the business and consumer alike.

SMS messaging can also be used to promote business via coupons and vouchers.  We all like to be given something free and what better way than receiving a coupon via your mobile phone.  Mobile coupons are easy to create and send and prove to be substantially cheaper than paper versions.  Customers can take advantage of that impromptu discounted meal by simply showing the text on their mobile phone.

SMS has a growing future as more businesses and organisations are seeing the value and efficiency of sending messages direct to their end users.

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