SMS Marketing on Special Occasions and Holidays

22 December 2014

One way to make your customers feel valued and keep them interested and loyal to your brand is to pay attention to the details. Their details that is.

The beauty of using text message services is that you can customise your messages incredibly easily and for any occasions. This can be leveraged with holidays, bank holiday, birthdays, and special occasions within your business or even just to keep up with you customers. This way you are making your customers feel special and care about them and the service or product you are providing them.

Here are a few examples of how you can use text message marketing to make your customers feel special on holidays and special occasions.


Keeping track of your customer’s birthday is one very simple but incredibly effect way of keeping your customers loyal and happy. It shows you care and also that they are not just another number to you and your business. You can personalise your message in order to appeal to whowever is receiving your message. An additional way of helping keep a great relationship with your customers is to give them a special birthday discount or offer. Send them a 20% off your next purchase discount code for example, to keep them coming back.

Not only this, but knowing your customers ages is also valuable to your business in order for you to target your demographics more effectively, making your campaigns more strategic and successful.


Keeping up with seasonal trends is often very important for all businesses. With seasonality comes dips and peaks in your sales or traffic and therefore, sending out mini seasonal newsletters or updates is a great way to keep in contact with your customers. It also allows you to remind them of any changes happening that season, offers or new stock or services that may be coming or you are currently offering.


The festive holiday for most businesses usually sparks a huge spike in sales, traffic and is often the most financially lucrative period for many businesses. It is therefore essential that you make the most of this opportunity by leveraging the running up period. Continually keeping your customers up to date with any offers, sales and special items or services you are currently promoting should be utilised to its fullest potential to gain the best ROI. Don’t forget to also keep this momentum up within the January period when sometimes this burst of activity can drop off.

These are just three ways in which you can make the most of special occasions and holiday but the possibilities are endless. If you need any advice or help with your text message campaigns, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 for more information.

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