SMS Marketing for B2B Companies

3 April 2012

Finding the best marketing strategy for B2B communications is often more challenging than for B2C as not only do B2B companies need to understand the business they are communicating with, but they also need to understand those companies’ own customers too. This ensures they can offer them the most relevant products/services possible for furthering their businesses.

B2B marketing is continuing to grow, with the need to cut through the noise just as important for B2B companies as it is for B2C companies. SMS marketing has great potential to get noticed when used by any company, but especially for B2B companies as bulk text volumes are not as high as they are for B2C companies.

How can it be used?

SMS marketing can be used to alert existing clients of upcoming webinars, the latest podcasts or to offer incentives for attending conferences or seminars.

Where emails can mistakenly be sent to junk folders even if they are opted-into, this is not a problem for SMS marketing, and text messages have an incredibly high read-rate.

As well as sending out invitations, SMS marketing can be used to let clients know what is new with your business, this will keep the communication channel with them open, maintaining their interest and even encouraging them to spread the word about your company.

How to collect numbers

SMS marketing is permission based, so how do you collect business numbers? B2B companies generally have fewer options than B2C companies, but there are simple ways of building a database of numbers.

Promoting SMS campaigns at trade shows or other events can encourage companies and individuals to opt-in to your messages, as well as promoting via trade magazines. Consider using short codes which people can text for a call-back or for more information about your offering. Why not try our example? Text DETAILS to 81025 for more information. Please note that you will only incur your standard network message charge, based on your service provider rates and tariff package.

B2B companies need more from their marketers than just running events; they need to be driving business and sales. Building on connections made at trade events will help to keep your company top of mind and used well, SMS marketing can be a great tool for this.

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