SMS and Email Marketing Working Together

5 November 2012

There are now numerous avenues to choose from for marketing to your customers. Two of these avenues include SMS and email marketing. Both have been proven to be successful in any campaign, however, it is also possible to generate even better results by using them together.

Here are some of the ways to use SMS and email marketing together to benefit your company.

  1. TextInbound: Allows our clients to create a unique 11-digit phone number that can be used to assist with inbound SMS marketing programs, ie: as a means of contact by their customers. This service also has the option of setting up specific keywords as a way of channelling different responses. If you have an email service such as regular discount offerings that are only accessible to members, you can prompt your customers to request the details of offers they are interested in by texting you. For example texting OFFERS to the 11 digit number will allow you to process their message and arrange to send them details of the specific offers they’re interested in. You can create any number of Keywords for your TextInbound number free-of-charge. Anyone texting in to your number can start their text with one of your advertised keywords, and the text will be responded to differently depending on which keyword the message begins with.
  2. TextMail: This service is set up specifically to let clients send messages to their customers using an email account. Clients can construct their message in email form and send it straight to the mobile handsets of their customers in SMS form. It is also possible to receive replies and message delivery reports via email each time you send a message. This way, clients have the ease of using a simple email service to type the message combined with the almost immediate delivery of the message direct to the people who need it.

Having both SMS and email services set up can help you to deliver different content in the most appropriate way possible. SMS marketing is perfect for sending across quick notifications or short offers and reminders that don’t require much information. Email marketing lends itself to being more suited to larger, more complex messages. You can send an SMS message to customers with a reminder about an upcoming email service that they need to engage with e.g. announcements for tickets or events that are soon to be released. The text message will instantly make customers aware of this information and prompt them to check their emails on the release date to book their tickets before they sell out.

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