SMS and Email Marketing: What are the differences?

12 November 2012

This is a question that has been asked a number of times and here we take a look at some of the main differences between SMS and email marketing to help you understand how SMS marketing can have both a positive and unique impact on your direct marketing strategy.

• Compared with traditional email marketing, SMS messages have higher opening rates from customers. This could be due to the fact that nowadays people generally tend to have their mobile phone on or near their person at all times.

• For the same reason, SMS messages are often read much quicker than email messages. Another reason for this could be because SMS messages are a more personal method of communication that is delivered straight to an individual’s mobile phone device. Desktop PCs and laptops are often shared with friends, family or work colleagues, making them a lot less private, whereas mobile phones are most often unique to the user.

• SMS messages are more direct as Desktop PCs and laptops are less portable, while mobile phones allow for text messages to be accessed anytime, anywhere.

• SMS messages are usually purchased in bundles and are a cheaper form of marketing as you only pay for the messages you send.

• Sending text messages to customers is an opt-in service meaning that your messages are only sent to the contacts who want to receive them. Because of this, you are likely to have higher conversion rates and responses to your SMS messages. Although email messages are also opt-in, they are a lot less personal and easier to access resulting in spam mail and viruses from hackers.

• SMS messages are shorter based on having a limited number of characters. The restricted word count ensures that your message content is more concise and to the point. Email messages have no word count allowing for longer, more detailed messages. SMS and email marketing can work well together by first notifying the customer via SMS message of an upcoming event and announcing that more information will come later in the form of an email. A follow up email can then be sent containing more detailed information about the event.

SMS marketing has proved itself time and time again to be extremely versatile. Still have questions? Call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302 who will be able to help you set up a free trial account with us.

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