Mobile Marketing during the Christmas period

27 November 2014

SMS marketing is often overlooked as a marketing tool, regarded as an intrusive aspect of marketing, yet what is often omitted is that SMS marketing is an opt-in channel. As consumers we are all familiar with the mobile network Orange and their Orange Wednesday text messaging campaign where their customers can receive 2 for 1 on Odeon film tickets. Their customers choose to get these text messages, as they wish to receive the discounts. NHS Trusts have used mobile marketing to enhance patient confidentiality, opting for SMS services to deliver test results as a new way to keep personal information personal. These are some great examples as how mobile marketing can be very effective.

Due to the majority of consumers owning a mobile phone, mobile marketing is one of the most indispensable tools in the marketer’s toolkit. For most people, the mobile is an everyday essential, note how many times a day people check their mobile phone! And texting is still the most popular usage of the mobile phone. Therefore, why miss this opportunity?

In the Christmas period, consumers are overloaded with advertising and marketing to encourage them to spend their money. Using SMS services doesn’t need to be bothersome. By sending a well-timed text message, once or twice during the Christmas period, you may be the brand that sticks in the head of your potential customers during the festive season. An increase in mobile shopping means that consumers are using their phones more to purchase their Christmas gifts, meaning that there is an outlet for SMS services to be used to target these mobile shoppers. Sending a discount code text as a consumer nears the business has proven a great marketing tool, issuing incentives to visit their brand.

Providing a text service to your clients is one way of ensuring that your promotions are going to be noticed. When you receive a notification on your phone, what are you going to pay more attention to? Email campaigns? Social media updates? Both of these marketing strategies can be dismissed, overlooked, and your updates can get lost in the ether, not being taken in by potential clientele. The Next Web reports that “SMS coupons get redeemed eight times more frequently than the same emailed offer”, so, why miss out on the most underrated marketing tool for your business?

For more information on SMS marketing, or ideas on how to utilise mobile marketing during the Christmas period, feel free to call our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302.

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