How to tell if your SMS marketing campaign is working?

10 January 2013

One problem that many businesses struggle with when it comes to marketing is patience – or should that be impatience? Achieving success with a marketing campaign comes from putting in a lot of time and effort and it can sometimes be frustrating when you don’t see immediate results from your efforts. Don’t give up! Read the following advice to help you find out whether your marketing campaign is working as well as it can be and have you reaping the rewards in no time.

The key to SMS marketing success is measurement.

Consistently keeping track of your SMS marketing will help you to measure how successful each campaign has been and how you have progressed over time. There are several ways to do this and utilising all of these methods together will provide the best overview. Before you start tracking your campaigns you first need to decide what it is you want to get out of them. Whether you want to boost sales through offering discount incentives or to simply raise brand awareness you need to make sure that you’re using the appropriate measurements to monitor this.

Here are some examples of ways you can track your marketing campaigns with TextAnywhere.

  • Include a link to a website in your SMS messages – this will allow you to monitor how many users have visited your site by clicking on a link from a text message using your website analytics.
  • Use a short code in your messages. This will allow you to track direct responses to messages such as: “Text INFO to 83315”. You can then analyse the responses to this code using TextAnywhere short code reporting.
  • Send out SMS based discount coupons. These can then be monitored to see whether they are redeemed by your customers. This will help you to track who is engaging with your product.
  • Supply your customers with a phone number or email address that is specific to your SMS message recipients. This will help you to track interaction with your messages based on how many people contact you using these details.

These are the main ways you can go about tracking the success of your marketing campaigns.

For more information on monitoring your SMS messages please contact the TextAnywhere Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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