How SMS Marketing Can Be Effective for Every Business

13 October 2015

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Unsure how SMS marketing can be used in your business? According to Salesforce, more than 70% of marketers state that mobile marketing is now key to their business. Despite this some organisations are still reluctant to implementing SMS in their marketing strategy. The main reason being is the uncertainty of how to implement SMS to benefit their business.

Let’s take a look at the different ways that various industries are benefiting from SMS in their business for your inspiration..

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Radio, TV & publishing

Is one of your key goals to gain more viewers? Then SMS can help. Engagement is key to building your brand. With our TextCampaign tool you can schedule and send bulk messages out to remind viewers about any exciting events ahead. Have a book signing? Or maybe new show coming up? Start to build excitement with SMS by counting down the days or giving clues of any exciting news. The key is creativity without being intrusive!


Estate agents

The property industry is highly competitive, so timing and speed is important. SMS is the quickest form of communication – over 80% of the population own a mobile and the average time of a text message being opened is 90 seconds! Send text messages confirmations for viewing confirmations or appointments such as survey appointments. Why not create a listing for your clients to be notified regarding relevant ‘open house’ events to attend?With TextAnywhere you can upload your contacts, segment them into different groups

and send personalised bulk reminders!



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Banks, insurance firms and loan/mortgage providers, can all use SMS marketing to keep in contact with existing and potential new clients. Banks can keep account holders updated about any recent transactions or changes to their account via text message. Loan providers can schedule bulk SMS reminders when their customers next payment is due and send any follow-up messages if the customer fails to take action. With TextAnywhere you can schedule any text messages, this is necessary to save businesses time that would normally be used to manually send out messages. Financial organisations can use SMS to prevent fraud by alerting their clients of any suspicious activity on their account. This will improve business-customer relationships as clients will be reassured that their money is safely monitored.



Having people turn up to elections are important for councils to make sure everyone’s vote is collected. SMS can be used to remind people of these elections or any important local updates. Councils and MP’s always want to hear the public’s opinion. Conducting a quick survey with TextSurvey tool means that people are able to answer important questions. This information can viewed on a report so councils can utilise this valuable information and improve relevant issues.


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Food establishments

Restaurants and takeaway establishments can take advantage of using SMS for promotions that they currently want to advertise. Knowing when people like to eat means timing is key when sending messages. Be clever and schedule mass SMS messages during these prime times of any exclusive offers they may have or send a promotional code to get a special discount – people think with their stomachs when they are hungry! 





These are just a few industries that can benefit from using SMS marketing. Many of these ideas can be replicated within any sector and with TextAnywhere it can be done quickly,efficiently and reliably!


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