How can your customers benefit from SMS marketing?

8 February 2013

Whilst there are clearly a range of features that are advantageous for businesses that use SMS marketing, it is also important to remember that this form of mobile marketing can greatly benefit your customers as well.  Often the plans that you are putting into practice to improve your business are also proving highly effective resources for your customers at the same time.

Here are just a few of the ways that your customers could be benefiting from your SMS messages:

• Instant access to important alerts and reminders: your customers will be grateful for the free updates and reminders via text message for such services as medical appointments and booking confirmations for hotels and entertainment facilities.

• Provided with a quick and simply method of contact: no one wants to waste time being put on hold or searching endless web pages for a basic email or postal address. Setting up simple SMS keywords will allow your customers to get answers to their questions and the contact details they need as soon as they request it.

• Easy access to product discounts: while everyone loves a quality discount on products or services they enjoy using, paper offers carry many disadvantages. Your customers will be happy to receive discounts via SMS that simply require them to type in a code or present the discount at the till the next time they shop without fear of the voucher getting lost or damaged.

• Receiving information moments after it is requested: the more efficient a company runs the better and making it difficult for your customers to acquire the information they need can end up causing you to miss out on purchases. Important information such as opening times, service updates and product details can be requested by your customers via SMS and the desired information delivered straight to their handset in a matter of seconds.

• Never miss out: now your customers won’t ever have to run the risk of missing out on vital information about your business ever again. So long as they subscribe to your SMS updates they can be assured to always be at the forefront of important company announcements in the future.

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