How can SMS Marketing improve my business?

22 April 2014

The best advertising campaigns are the ones that make a great advert about a service or product that actually engages with its audience. The main drive behind an effective marketing campaign is communication and when considering a marketing strategy this is the first thing you should focus on. Spending a huge amount of money on a Billboard in the middle of a high street is fine.  But are you really communicating with people driving by? These people aren’t even looking at the roads when they’re driving past your ads. They’re looking at their phones…

One of the best features of Text Message Marketing is that you are actively and specifically targeting your demographic and desired audience. The campaign you are sending out to them is hitting them directly. Because we are such a tech saturated society who is ever connected to our mobile phones, this is the perfect way to reach out to your customers and get their attention.  Campaigns can be sent in minutes with 90% of SMS being read within 15 minutes – much higher response rates to traditional marketing. Therefore you are implementing a much more effective campaign, purely on its medium with 32% of consumers responding to SMS promotions.

When put into comparison to other forms of marketing and advertising, mobile marketing is estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper ads and 5 times more effective than direct mail. Another benefit Text Message service to improve your business is how diverse the service itself is. SMS mobile marketing can be used as a multifaceted campaign medium to send out a number of messages not restricted to a certain theme. This allows for Text Message Marketing to be used in a vast number of industries for different reasons. These can be things such as sending out reminders, renewals, order confirmations, job alerts and appointment reminders. This also does not need to be limited to B2C purposes, this service may also be used internally for staff interactions and updates.

It’s been forecast that there will be 5.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by 2013, ballooning from the current 4.3 billion mobile subscribers. You are able to receive invaluable feedback from your audience about your business which allows you to make changes and importantly, improvements. An SMS marketing might not always be the first choice for your company’s marketing strategy, but with huge numbers of the population being connected to their mobile phone, it seems like a no brainer.

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