Are you using SMS Marketing to its full potential?

26 April 2013

While most businesses are now beginning to understand the benefits of SMS marketing, and the wider concept of mobile marketing as a whole, many are still unsure of how to use to its full potential. This post will give you a few hints and tips to help you maximise the success rate of your text marketing campaigns.

  1. Remember your call to action: As simple as it sounds, it is easy to forget the most important aspect of your text message – the call to action. Ensure that you highlight the purpose of your SMS to recipients, whether this is to encourage them to reply to the message using a specific keyword or to claim a voucher by a set date. Your customers need to know how you want them to respond.
  2. Be consistent: There’s no point sending recipients a string of messages and then lying dormant for months on end. Like any successful marketing campaign, SMS needs to be used consistently to achieve the best results. By making sure you send recipients regular updates such as important information about the company or notifications for upcoming sales and events, you are more likely to maintain interest and attract regular customers.
  3. Use SMS in a variety of ways: While consistency is important, you also need to inject some variety into your campaigns. Don’t just send out the same message template with a few tweaks every month as it will soon lose its desired impact and your recipients will quickly lose interest as a result. Experiment with sending out different types of messages such as changes to your business, exclusive information about an upcoming product, or offers that you feel your customers will love. Keeping your messages interesting and original will ensure that your customers will want to continue receiving SMS alerts from you.
  4. Make it meaningful: Ensure that the messages you send are beneficial to your recipients. Customers want to hear about information that affects them such as when your next sale is going to be and updates to a service. Texts that appear to have been sent just for the sake of contact will only waste time and money.
  5. Track your progress: It is vital to measure how well your campaign is running so that you know what’s working and what needs modification. By tracking how many recipients reply to your messages as well as keeping an eye on subscription numbers, you can help to make sure that your campaign is running smoothly and reaching its full potential at all times.

Following these 5 tips will help you make the most of SMS marketing. For more information please contact a member of our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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