5 ways to make your campaign stand out from the crowd

31 July 2013

So you’ve read up on all the benefits of SMS marketing and decided that this will be a great method of marketing for your business to use. However, if you think that SMS marketing could work for you, the chances are your competitors are thinking the same thing and may already have their campaigns in place. Here are some handy tips on how to make your SMS campaigns unique and to help you stand out from the crowd:

1. Offer a valuable incentive for subscribing:

In order to get customers to subscribe to your text messages, you need to offer them a good reason why they would want to do this. The best way is to offer a reward such as a free trial of a service or money off their next in-store purchase. However, to keep your customers engaged, the next step is to ensure that the content you send is just as enticing.

2. Keep your messages unique:

This step will require a lot of careful planning to make decisions such as the way you wish to come across to your customers through text messages, the sort of content you want to offer them, and how this content will relate to your product or service. However, you decide to do it, making your messages unique and recognisable to your business is vital.

3. Personalisation is key:

Once you’ve decided on the content you wish to produce, you need to think about personalising it. Customers will feel much more appreciated if you can make personal touches to your messages such as addressing them personally within each text or perhaps even sending out a happy birthday text on their special day.

4. Make your messages relevant to each customer:

Just as personalisation is important, so is relevancy. This is where tracking your customers’ shopping habits can make a big difference by making sure you send out text messages that are specific to your customers’ needs. There’s no point sending out information on products or services that your customers never usually buy. The chances are the more customer specific you make your messages, the greater the response to your call to action will be.

5. Deliver the content that your customers really need:

In order to send out content that is worthwhile, think carefully about the type of content you personally would like to receive from your business. Popular choices for message content often include discounts and offers, competitions, store information and general news alerts. However, the type of content you send is entirely dependent on your business and what may work for some businesses may not be as effective for others.

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