5 reasons to work on your mobile strategy ready for the New Year

21 December 2012

1. Because a new year is a new start.

Now is the ideal time to review your company’s performance from 2012, ready for the start of a new year. You can introduce new strategies and work on maintaining those that are already working in preparation for an even more successful year.

2. Because mobile phone popularity is increasing.

According to a study by The International Telecom Union, there were 6 billion mobile subscriptions in the world at the end of 2011. Now, Portio research predicts that this figure is set to rise to 6.9 billion by the end of 2013. With the number of mobile phone users increasing dramatically year upon year, it would be wise to take advantage of this huge statistic by implementing mobile into your marketing plan.

3. Because your competitors are doing it.

It’s not just ordinary people who are reaping the benefits of using a mobile phone. More and more businesses are finding ways to target their customers through mobile services. From mobile advertising to bulk SMS messaging, this field of marketing is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The longer you leave it before starting your mobile campaign, the more you will get left behind.

4. Because the SMS is still the most popular form of communication

SMS marketing opens up a huge window of opportunity for businesses because it allows them to target only the customers who wish to be targeted, resulting in a higher response rate. It also encourages more personal and direct interaction with customers as well as being a cheap form of communication. With SMS being one of the longest running features on mobile phones and having a reputation for being fast and reliable, there’s no wonder that it is still the most popular method of communication. A report from Ofcom found that over 150 billion text messages were sent in the UK in 2011 so make sure you include SMS marketing in your business plan ready for next year.

5. Because 2013 looks set to be huge…

Mobile technology is showing no signs of slowing down next year. Technology giants, Apple and Google, have recently released their iPad mini and the Google Nexus, while more and more advanced smartphones and tablets are continuing to be introduced onto the market. As the race to produce the most sophisticated technology yet continues to rage, we can be sure that this race certainly won’t die down in 2013 and neither will the opportunities for marketers that come with these mobile devices.

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